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Free Picture Finder 4.0

Searches for images on online sources and downloads them
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Enter a keyword or a phrase that describes the pictures you're interested in, then have the tool automatically search the Internet for images that match your queries. See the downloaded thumbnails and validate the pics that you want to keep or have them automatically validated and downloaded. The tool also searches for pictures with specified dimensions.

Free Picture Finder-Image Search Box is an image finder and downloader program. An internal image finder and also a picture downloader are used to search and download images on the web. Keywords are used to execute a search. The images are searched based on size and resolution. They can be stored in the image gallery. A search results in a search popup displaying search status bars such as Match, Validate, Thumbnail and Download. A preview of the search results is available before downloading them. Also, search results can be validated by checking for broken images and links.

The Free Picture Finder-Image Search Box is available in 70 languages from around the world. Hence, people of different countries are able to use it. What I found unique about this program was its ability to search for a vast number of images on the web. These images are characterized by their compact size and high resolution. The trouble with this software is that it does not allow you to download and save images in the free version. The full version is required to be downloaded for saving images to your PC. Another bug is the hanging up of the program in between searches. This reduces the speed of the search.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Free tool to search high-resolution and compact images on the web


  • Slow searches interrupted by hang ups
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